Become a photolancer

If you're a professional photographer, receive and respond to quotation requests made by direct clients on Photolancers

Photolancers is part of Litmind, the community for model and fashion photography artists. All photographers with a profile on Litmind can become Photolancers as part of the benefits of the paid Pro Membership on Litmind.

When you activate your Photolancer profile from your Litmind account, we'll notify you every time there's a new quotation request that matches your profile. We'll provide you with extensive and clear information about the requirements of each project including the desired budget range, the preferred production dates, reference photos and the required image and authorship rights release so you can present the client an accurate plan and quote.

You'll be able to communicate with the client to solve your doubts before sending your proposal, and you'll get access to the professional production and casting tools at Litmind to find the people and the resources you need for each job. If the client chooses you, you'll be in charge of sealing the deal, Photolancers does not charge any commission for your productions.

Once you've signed up at Litmind, get the Pro Membership to be able to activate your Photolancer profile.

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